Introducing… Dynamic Pricing!

In 2019 we are excited to announce DYNAMIC PRICING! Introducing... Dynamic Pricing from on Vimeo.
What is it? Prices that change automatically each day to ensure that our customers are getting the best rate possible. At below each item you will see a price, this price could be one of three colors black, red, or blue.
Black pricing is our everyday low rate, competitive nationwide.
Red is a flash sale, this price may be cut as much as 50% for a limited time. You can book these items for any date, just book it BEFORE the flash sale expires.
A Blue price is a dynamic price. It has automatically lowered below our regular price to make sure you are getting the best possible rate. These rates will update daily!
Dynamic pricing is a reactive pricing algorithm that reduces the price of an item based on the item’s rental value and supply/demand. Pricing updates at midnight every night so check in daily here.
 March 21, 2019  magnanimous

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